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South of Summer Asian Banquet

South of Summer Asian Banquet


This Summer, at Castle Farm, Pravin and the team will be welcoming
two of Bath’s most sought after chefs,
Noya Pawlyn and Ping Combes,
for a one-off banquet of a super supper club. The three chefs will
be taking guests on a culinary adventure across the Asian continent.

Pravin, Ping and Noya will be creating dishes inspired by their individual heritage using fresh, local produce, fusing their cooking
with their lives in England. Guests will be treated to ten courses
of Vietnamese, Malaysian and South Indian cuisine, chosen from the
chef’s personal favourite dishes. A bespoke cocktail list will be
available to compliment the flavours along with a specially selected wine list and local craft beers.

The open kitchen offers a unique opportunity to watch the action and
be immersed in the experience. The dishes will be introduced by the
chefs and served in a sharing style for the ultimate foodie evening.

So, for an evening of South East Asian and South Indian food, in the
South of England, just South of Bath, join us, south of somewhere, for this very special collaboration.

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